Video guide to Ekwendeni in the making

John and Lizzie Kevan accompanied Sue (and Jim) on their eye clinic trip (see post above), but were not allowed to sit around. John Challis asked if they could do some filming to form a video guide to the main aspects of the Ekwendeni Mission Station, to help people in the UK understand the breadth of work going on there. John and Lizzie now have many, many hours of video and sound to edit. A little something to occupy those cold winter days!

Carol Finlay visits The Raven Trust

Thanks to Carol Finlay and her mother, Irene (far left), who recently delivered some boxes of clothing to the Strachur store, to be sent to Esther Lupafya for use in the HIV/AIDs programme at Ekwendeni Hospital.

Macduff Shipyards start work on new clinic boat

News has been recieved from Macduff Shipyards that they have begun work on the construction of the new clinic boat for northern Lake Malawi. They have also relayed the news that a few local fishermen have generously agreed to fund the engine and machinery for the boat

Sister Esther Lupafya visits from Ekwendeni

Sister Esther Lupafya, Co-ordinator at the Ekwendeni Hospital HIV /AIDS Programme, recently visited the Raven Trust at Strachur and met Mrs Helen Scott of Lossiemouth, representing Moray West Presbyterial Guild, and Iain McPhilimmy, Trustee of the Raven Trust.
Esther expressed her gratitude for all the clothing and knitted goods sent to her. Her department is currently responsible for the care of some 7,900 orphans in the Ekwendeni area and the goods are very much appreciated.